Real {Messy} Missions

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For the next 31 days, I am joining the wonderful people at 31 Days and, well, writing for 31 days!

For those who don’t know our story, check it out here. We are two newly married, newly made parents, who have spent the last year having organs removed, getting ready to be on the mission field and just learning how to live together as husband and wife and follow Jesus as honestly and best as we can.

It’s a lot.

And, it’s messy.

And I am brutally honest about it. (Sometimes a little too honest.)

I have found that the only time actual change happens, or anything actually good for that matter, is when we’re honest. When we’re real. Sometimes it’s hard and scary, but each time I’ve been brave enough to tell my story and open up about what’s really going on, something beautiful has happened.

Healing happens.

Solidarity happens.

The feeling of “holy crap, I’m not the only one” happens.

Freedom happens.

As we’re making our way to Southeast Asia, I’m telling our stories. Choosing to become a missionary family has turned the heat up in our life. Shit has gotten real, if I may. And those are the stories I’m telling: how we’re fighting because we’re stressed, how I’m insecure about leaving people and places I know, how I’m worried my parenting is going to fail under the pressure of raising kids on the mission field, how I’m not too sure my faith is strong enough to deal with the trauma and pain we’ll encounter day in and day out, and, ultimately,

how God is bigger than all of it.

How these fears and doubts and sometimes failings don’t make me less of a Jesus-lover, less of a wife, less of a mom or less of missionary.

How they, maybe, make me more of a Jesus-lover, more of a wife, more of a mom, more of a missionary.

Or at least a real Jesus-lover, a wife, a mom, and a missionary.

And to be honest, that’s what we need. Real people telling real stories of their real mess and their real God who is champion over everything they are not.

So, good reader, that’s what you’re in for. Not just for 31 days, but from me.

This is Real Messy Missions. And nothing is off limits.

Real Messy Mission Entrie

Day One

Posted by Katie

Posted by Katie

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