Real Messy Missions, Take 2

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Last year at this time, it was my full intention to participate in 31 Days blogging challenge.

My favorite S.Rolli even made me this neat little button.


But then life happened. Hospital stays (2), a pushed leave date and the hard reality that Stephen may need another surgery became my present reality and, well, blogging didn’t seem as important as sleep and not losing my mind. Although, I’m sure I did lose my mind. Just ask Stephen. Or anyone who was around me. At all.

Anyway, this time around, life, as weird as this is to say, has settled. And once again, God forbid hospital stays, I fully intend on writing every day for 31 days.

The topic? Well, Real Messy Missions. Obvi.

Obvi because, well, why waste a perfectly good button, that’s what I say. I literally learned what a button was for this challenge. Obvi because my life is now mission. I believe fully, and believed this last year at this time, that living on mission does not mean living in a country different than where your passport is from. Mission is pursuing obedience to God and His call on your life; and since God’s heart is redemption of all creation, mission will always in your call. What that looks like, who knows. For us, it looks like Thailand. Before Thailand, it looked like getting to Thailand. So I knew last year, while not on the ‘mission field’, I could totally write about Real Messy Missions.

But now?

Oh my.

When I chose the adjectives ‘real’ and ‘messy’, I had no idea.

I had no idea how being real about this process, how being brave in vulnerability, would make the pain and fear and frustration and unknown so much more manageable. How being real seems to actually be the answer to just about everything. That’s something I want to explore.

And messy? Well, I mean, there’s the literal mess that’s my life: poopy diapers all the time, many, many bugs that live where we live, these insane white floors that are beautiful only 20% of the time, relationships that are on warp speed, spiritual warfare that add a weird hue to everything, cultural and language learning that is hard and layered and complex, relationships with Thai people that are wonderful and confusing and make me question my worldview and the things I take for granted, and just mother and wifeing in general. Messy.

So, welcome back. Welcome to my 31 days.

It won’t always be spiritual or directly about mission, but it will always be honest. So there. Or whatever.


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Posted by Stephen

Posted by Stephen

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